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Derrynane Beach

The Sneem JFK 50 mile Challenge

April 21st, 2012

The Sneem JFK 50 mile Challenge

Welcome to the Sneem JFK 50 Mile Challenge which will take place on the weekend of the 25th, 26th & 27th May 2012. The Challenge is to complete 50miles (80km) in under 20 hours. The walk will start and end in Sneem village on the Ring of Kerry. It is a loop walk on national, secondary, regional and minor roads with three gradual inclines which are highlighted on the route map.The challenge starts at 05.00am sharp on Saturday morning 26th May and continues right through until 1.00am on Sunday morning 27th May.The Festival promises to be a fun filled weekend with Street Entertainment, Trad sessions in the local pubs and Live Entertainment with Awards ceremony on the Sunday night to celebrate the challenge being completed.

About the Challenge

The JFK 50 Mile Walk first came about in the 1960s in the USA when John F. Kennedy announced that an endurance test of walking 50 miles was to be performed by U.S. servicemen to prove they were in ready military condition. To everyone’s amazement, a willing public took up the challenge and extreme walking quickly became a national obsession.

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A challenge not to be missed!